Informal Training sessions

With Rich Stock      

(Please contact Rich re attending any training session – please do not just turn up – Thank You)

Venue: Nempnett Thrubwell, North Somerset   

For those of you who are not quite at the stage of venturing onto the trial field, or are in need of some extra practice on different sheep, Rich has been running some informal sessions on a Sunday morning. Groups have been small – just 1-5 handlers each session and have proven very popular. If you are interested in coming along then please give us a call – be great to see you.

Sessions will be free to Somerset Club members.


IMG_3430 IMG_3423

1st Anne Williams Memorial Training Day  November 27th 2021


(Trainer Dave Cole of South Dartmoor )

Dave is a English National Competitor, Trainer & Breeder

Kindly hosted by Andy Melrose

                  NOW FULLY BOOKED



Trial Dates


Christmas Trial   

Date: December 5th 2021

Venue: Bellvue Farm, Nempnett Thrubwell, North Somerset, BS40 7XD

Host: Rich & Tracy Stock

Maltese X and Drive

Start 9.00am. Entries on the field in person please, before 12 noon.

Entries will be limited to 2 dogs per handler.

Please contact:




Early Summer Club Trial June 27th   

Venue: Warren Farm, Charterhouse, by kind permission of the Small Bros.


1st Jamie Garland & Jake
2nd Carol Worgan & Blackjack
3rd David Cooper & Cap
4th Jenny Atwell & Spot
5th Shirley Greenaway & Dusk
6th Julie Tucker & Glen

Maltese Cross

1st Claire Bacon & Jin
2nd Claire Bacon & Shade
3rd Mary Ridge & Jet
4th Terry Parsons & Todd

Results Summer Club Trial  August 1st 2021

Venue: Howgrove Farm, Butcombe BS40 7UY – by kind permission of Richard Withers

Drive, Shed, Pen

1st Angie Blackmore & Zack 84 points
2nd Bleddyn  Lester & Jill 82 points (ODF)
3rd Jamie Garland & Snip 82 points
4th Floyd Farthing & Bell 81 points
5th Floyd Farthing & Sal 80 points
6th Jamie Garland & Jake 79 points

Results Late Summer Open Trial  Sept 5th 2021

Venue:  Warren Farm, Rains Batch Charterhouse – by kind permission of Bill & John Small

Drive, Shed, Pen

1st Jamie Garland & Jake 91 points
2nd Angie Blackmore & Moss 90 points
3rd Shirley Greenway & Flip 83 points
4th Angie Blackmore & Zac 82 points
5th T. Coles & Kym 81 points
6th Terry Parsons & Lil 78 points (OLF)

Results Autumn Open Trial  Oct 17th  2021

Venue: Meadow Lea Farm, South Petherton by kind permission of Nick Wakely
Drive, Shed & Pen
1st Fiona Davies-Russell with Nellie 81 points
2nd Phillip Davies-Russell with Kirk 80 points
3rd Carol Worgan with Leyla 74 OLF points
4th Carol Worgan with Blackjack 74 points
5th Nick Wakely with Chip 67 points
6th Shirley Greenaway with Sanduck Flip 66 points
Drive & Maltese Cross
1st Fiona Davies-Russell with Wolf 64 points
2nd Shirley Greenaway with Sanduck Moss 63 points
3rd Debbie Survila with Mia 54 points
4th Claire Bacon with Shade 48 OLF points
5th Zac Capern with Meg 48 points
6th Julian Mills with Tan 46 points
IMG_6434IMG_6442 IMG_6443