Informal Training sessions

With Rich Stock      

(Please contact Rich re attending any training session – please do not just turn up – Thank You)

Venue: Nempnett Thrubwell, North Somerset   

For those of you who are not quite at the stage of venturing onto the trial field, or are in need of some extra practice on different sheep, Rich has been running some informal sessions on a Sunday morning. Groups have been small – just 1-5 handlers each session and have proven very popular. If you are interested in coming along then please give us a call – be great to see you.

Sessions will be free to Somerset Club members.


IMG_3430 IMG_3423


Trial Dates and Results 2022

(Further dates to be added soon)

Results of Spring Club Trial – May 1st  2022

Venue: Warren Farm Charterhouse , Mendip  by kind permission of John Small – Trial Field at Rains Batch Charterhouse BS40 7XX



1st Ray Edwards & Parks Farm Fan

2nd Carol Worgan & Black Jack

3rd Debbie Survila & Mia

4th Julian Mills & Moss

5th Phillip Davis – Russell & Kirk OLF

6th Fiona Davis – Russell & Nellie OLF

Maltese Cross

1st Terry Parsons & Todd

2nd Phillip Davis – Russell & Jack

3rd Shirley Greenaway & Moss

4th Mary Ridge & Jet




Results Xmas Trial Dec 5th 2021

Venue: Bellview Farm Nemphnett Thrubwell – by kind permission of Richard Withers – Hosted by Rich & Tracey Stock


1st Angie Blackmore & Zac
2nd Daniel Pownall & Pip
3rd Mike Dowden & Nap
4th Rich Stock & Zac

Maltese Cross

1st Debbie Servila & Mia
2nd Angie Blackmore & Ben
3rd Debbie Servila & Jock
4th Mike Dowden & Trimn
5th Zac Caper & Venn Meg