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We are a small friendly sheepdog training and trialling club. We are headed by a committee of 9 sheepdog loving people who give up their time to organise and run a mixture of sheepdog trials and training sessions in the South West. Our aim is to provide a good day out. Whether you are accomplished handlers looking for the challenge of an Open trial, or a novice handler who wants to improve your own skills and working relationship you have with your dog, hopefully, we have something for you.

Some of you may never wish to step foot on a trial field! That’s fine – we aren’t all heading for the Nationals and the sense of achievement when your dog works well for you back home is satisfaction enough.

If you are interested in joining email:- somersetsheepdogs@gmail.com – or fill in our membership form.

About Us

About the Somerset Sheepdog Training and Trialling Club


The Somerset Sheepdog Club has changed a lot since it first started over 25 years ago. Early members would probably be dismayed that there is such a ‘competitive’ edge in the world of sheepdog trialling, but we all have to move with the times. Rules are strict and competitions taken very seriously – there is a lot at stake for ‘would be’ champions.

However, The Somerset Sheepdog Training and Trialling Club has a good heart and aims to encourage and support all members who are keen to learn the skills that remain true to the original goal of a good working dog that will listen to his master. Our club is a good place to start and can help to improve your working partnership with your dog. There is nothing more enjoyable than talking sheep, dogs and trials over a cuppa and a slice of home-made cake – always in abundance at our events. We have made good friends within the club and hope to make many more. So if you are interested in some training for you and your dog or coming to a trial in the South West – email:- somersetsheepdogs@gmail.com

SSDTTC is affiliated to ISDS, our number is 59546.



How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email completed form to :-  somersetsheepdogs@gmail.com

The annual fee is £10.00. Payment can be made at the training sessions, trial meetings or by online banking. Membership runs from April to April and entitles each member to run their dog at all Somerset trials and receive our regular emails. Any membership fee not received by end of June will result in membership being cancelled.

Download a  Membership Form

Please read the Rules of the Club

Rules of the club 

SSTTC rules for Trials

  1. Your dog needs to be under good control before competing in a trial. Any dog abusing sheep will be called off the course immediately. The welfare of sheep and dogs is paramount.
  2. For SSTTC trials, you will be allowed to leave the post, but your run won’t be judged or points awarded and your sheet will read ‘D’ for disqualified. You can continue with your allocated time but if your dog grips, sheep leave the course or sheep are hassled in any way, the judge will ask you to leave the course.
  3. PLEASE NOTE – All placings won at a SSTTC trial may now be valid at other Sheepdog Clubs. To avoid confusion, always check their rules before entering.
  4. If you have competed in a Drive course in SSTTC and been placed, you are not permitted to run in a Maltese X Nursery trial. This applies to Devon & Exmoor Sheepdog Society but please check rules at other clubs before entering your dog.
  5. Any handler whose dog damages sheep will be liable to pay the cost of the damage.
  6. The Judges decision is final. Any dispute should be put in writing and not discussed on the trial field.
  7. Verbal abuse of the judge or any committee member will lead to immediate suspension of that member.
  8. Please note that the Judge must not be interrupted when he/she is working.
  9. The use of electric collars is forbidden


Upcoming Trials and Training Sessions

Informal Training sessions

With Rich Stock      

(Please contact Rich re attending any training session – please do not just turn up – Thank You)

Venue: Nempnett Thrubwell, North Somerset   

For those of you who are not quite at the stage of venturing onto the trial field, or are in need of some extra practice on different sheep, Rich has been running some informal sessions on a Sunday morning. Groups have been small – just 1-5 handlers each session and have proven very popular. If you are interested in coming along then please give us a call – be great to see you.

Sessions will be free to Somerset Club members.

email somersetsheepdogs@gmail.com

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Trial Dates and Results 2022

(Further dates to be added soon)

Results of Spring Club Trial – May 1st  2022

Venue: Warren Farm Charterhouse , Mendip  by kind permission of John Small – Trial Field at Rains Batch Charterhouse BS40 7XX



1st Ray Edwards & Parks Farm Fan

2nd Carol Worgan & Black Jack

3rd Debbie Survila & Mia

4th Julian Mills & Moss

5th Phillip Davis – Russell & Kirk OLF

6th Fiona Davis – Russell & Nellie OLF

Maltese Cross

1st Terry Parsons & Todd

2nd Phillip Davis – Russell & Jack

3rd Shirley Greenaway & Moss

4th Mary Ridge & Jet




Results Xmas Trial Dec 5th 2021

Venue: Bellview Farm Nemphnett Thrubwell – by kind permission of Richard Withers – Hosted by Rich & Tracey Stock


1st Angie Blackmore & Zac
2nd Daniel Pownall & Pip
3rd Mike Dowden & Nap
4th Rich Stock & Zac

Maltese Cross

1st Debbie Servila & Mia
2nd Angie Blackmore & Ben
3rd Debbie Servila & Jock
4th Mike Dowden & Trimn
5th Zac Caper & Venn Meg



AGM 2022

This years AGM has been arranged for April 12th  . Further information has already been sent out to Club Members. If you havn’t received details please email the club:-   somersetsheepdogs@gmail.com

New Ruling

New Ruling for Maltese Cross Class.  It was agreed at a Committee Meeting that the Winner of the Maltese cross class must have at least half of the available points for the Class and the 2nd place at least half of those of the winner.



Autumn Trial 2021

IMG_6443 IMG_6442 IMG_6440 IMG_6434 IMG_6436

Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection

This policy establishes how we handle information we learn about you when you visit our website and become a club member. Protecting the privacy and personal data of our visitors is of utmost importance to us. Protecting your privacy and your personal data is an important aspect of the way we create, organise and implement our activities on-line and off-line. We are GDPR compliant – the Club has its own email address and all members details are kept within The Clubs own separate storage facility and backed up on a designated USB. Although the ICO (Independent Commissioner’s Office) have mooted that small clubs as ours were never intended to be part of the GDPR regulations, it was felt by SSTTC’s Committee that Compliance would be the sensible way forward.

Download Data Protection Policy

Download SSDTTC Privacy Policy

Contact Us

Contact Us

To find out more about training sheepdogs in the South West and sheepdog trials in the South West:
email somersetsheepdogs@gmail.com